Pedestal Kaleidoscope


This artist starting creating kaleidoscopes in 1976 and has enjoyed bringing to life our visions of the beautiful kaleidoscopic image. Each piece reflects a unique character that will never be reproduced because each is carefully crafted by hand. These scopes are designed using a variety of materials, exotic hardwood and wood veneers for the exteriors. The interiors are made using a triangular configuration of high- quality surface mirrors and at the end of the scope is an object chamber filled with oil and containing glass of all kinds seashells, gemstones, or mica.

The primary image of the kaleidoscope, the mandala, has been enjoyed from thousands of years and we hope to bring that image of beauty back today.

12″ x 18″

Crafted from Paduak, a sustainable South American hardwood.

Handmade in America. Handmade items may have slight variations.

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