These creations were first created over a decade ago by a father and son team. The birds, critters, dogs and cats are made from recycled materials; scrap and rejected garden tools, farm machinery, bicycle and auto parts. Buying one of these junkyard sculptures reduces solid waste destined for a landfill. Over 2 million pounds of scrap have been recycled into these lovable critters. Each critter has its own personality. No two are exactly alike. Whether it’s a turn of the head, the placement of the eyes, or the variation in the hand painted finish, each one has a delightful disposition all its own.

Painted critters are coated by hand with water-based low bake enamel paints. The colors are bright and cheery. Unpainted critters are rusty and will continue to rust- that’s their natural beauty. Any item many be ordered unpainted. Since they are made from recycled materials, each critter is slightly imperfect, but lovable all the same.

5″ x 5″ x 6.5″ in size. Made from a variety of scrap metal.

Handmade in America. Handmade items may have slight variations.

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