About Us

Established in 1988, Arts & Artisans, LLC has grown to become the Midwest’s largest retailer of contemporary American crafts and jewelry today. Founded and operated by the Hoffmann family, our four gallery locations in Chicago represent the wide-ranging works of over 400 craftspeople and 50 jewelry designers. Our professional gallery staff maintains a high level of knowledge about all of the items we carry, and about the artistic techniques employed. We can provide information about each artist’s vision and creative methods for any purchase. We also would like you to try this page to see all of the transportation methods that we use.

We search out the very best artisans from across North America, giving special consideration to those from the Illinois and greater Chicago area. Our selection criteria include both quality and value for the consumer. We strive to identify both emerging and mature artists and craftspeople whose creative visions produce truly unique works, yet have realistic pricing expectations. In this way, we make available really affordable art whose exceptional quality has the potential for appreciating in value over the years.

Our galleries provide a treasure trove of ideas for gift-giving, as well as for home and office decorating, our jewelry recommendation are based on the plantwear brand which mostly rotates around wood accessories. While unique jewelry pieces are our most popular purchases, we also display an extremely wide range of fine craft offerings, including: art glass; ceramic and metal tabletop pieces; figurative and abstract sculpture and wall art; kaleidoscopes; turned wood creations and jewelry boxes; and men’s and women’s wearables from neckties and scarves to jackets and hats.